Salt & Coffee

   Stories can shape us. Cautionary tales of wisdom and patience, riveting recollections of the lightheaded feats from the mischief of our youth, and those everlasting legends that will outlive us all are a fundamental piece of the human experience. 


   In the beginning, when we crawled out of the primordial ooze of life's genesis, we told stories. Early man, in his world of uncertainty and struggle, found comfort in telling tales of the days come and gone and maybe found hope in the speculation of the days yet to come. He placed his hand on the wall and marked it for eternity to stand witness that he had been here and he had lived and shared his story. 

   I too find comfort and hope in storytelling. I am still finding my legs as a writer and am happy to share my work with you as I find my way. This blog was created as a library for those who have the time to look; a stone wall where I might place my hand and leave my mark for eternity to witness.