Small Game Hunting Packing List

Updated: Mar 19

Typically, when I go hunting for small game it’s only for a day. I usually wrap up a little after lunch if it was a good enough morning, to be honest. Below is a list of everything I bring with me. I wanted to make a list so you can see what you might want to bring as well.


  • Boots or comfortable shoes. (keep in mind that morning dew can drench your feet)

  • Overalls or pants made from synthetic fabric. (get something durable that can handle thorns)

  • Small game hunting vest with pockets for shells, and a back pocket for the kill

  • Lightweight jacket or hoodie (nothing too warm because you’re gonna be moving a lot)

  • Orange hat or vest (even if it’s not required I highly recommend you bring it so your gun line can see you)

  • Gloves for moving debris or pulling at thorny brush


  • Shotgun

  • No. 6 shotshells (at least 20)

  • Headlamp (for getting in place before sunrise)

On Truck

  • Skinning knives

  • Ziploc bags

  • Yeti Cooler

  • Water and Gatorade

  • Lunch and snack stuff

  • Plastic foldable cutting board

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Baby wipes

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