Somber Lakes

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

“Let’s get married quick & now”

said the sky unto the ground,

“and mix your green into my blue

making one, from the two.”

“But how could I catch your eye?”

cried the ground up to the sky.

“I have no sunsets, stars, or clouds

just myself, the trodden ground.”

And with a soothing wind of breath

the sky reached down, to caress

the grass & plants & many trees

that made the ground so lovely green.

And the Earth then trembled at his touch.

Her plants and coverings swirled in rush

until she was sure, his word was true,

and met him calmly, in the blue.

They married then, in a lake so still,

flanked by mountains, pines, and hills

where the ground is showered by heaven’s love;

where the water reflects the sky above.

Forever on, shall the two embrace

in the calm clear waters, of somber lakes.

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